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*Due to Covid-19 all truck service operations are suspended until further notice.



You are an important part of our The Pizza Plant family. With the information being shared about the Coronavirus through government, health care, and media/social media channels, we want to briefly share how Plant Craft Foods is responding:


  • We will continue to be guided by the Center for Disease Control (“CDC”) and other governmental and health care agencies. While no public health agency has suggested that the Coronavirus can spread through food, we will continue to be mindful of safe and proper food preparation techniques to ensure safety in all of our food products.


  • Our employees are regularly screened for potential illness (of all types, not just COVID-19).  If there is any question regarding their health, they will not work in the facility or refrigerated truck until we are confident they do not present a risk exposure to fellow employees.  We are also reinforcing illness prevention procedures (e.g., frequent hand washing; not touching one’s face).

  • In the facility and our refrigerated truck, all surfaces are receiving frequent disinfection. We are making all efforts to prevent the transmission of any illness through surface contact, with our employees trained in this important concept.


For anyone not presently wishing to dine in restaurants or frequent food trucks, we want to remind you that Whole Foods Markets are offering some of your favorite TPP pizzas for you to cook at home.Each pizza can serve 2 people and takes less than 15 minutes to prepare.


Our pizzas will keep in the refrigerator for 5 to 7 days before being prepared. Preparation instructions will be included with each pizza. It should be noted that they freeze extremely well too.

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