Peperone Pizza Kit Instructions

First, thank you for your support of our brand and products. It truly means a lot to us. 


Next, this kit is intended to be fun. So have fun. 


You may find that you don’t make the perfect circle. Instead it’s an oblong. So what!


The idea here is to have fun making it and enjoying the process. 


What you’ll need:



Rolling Pin

Non-stick pan or pizza stone

Fresh oregano

A high quality seal salt

A high quality olive oil

Any other fresh toppings you may like to add ie olives, onions, bell peppers

Set your oven to 425 (oven may vary). 


Here’s a brief 2 minute video on how to roll out dough. You have an 8oz dough ball that will produce a 10” crust.

Once your dough is rolled out the rest is really a matter of creativity. Having said that, add your marinara. We recommend cutting the bag and squeezing it all out in the dead center. From there take a spoon and begin fanning out the sauce until it leaves a lip (commonly known as the crust).


Thereafter, add your peperone. We recommend six around the perimeter and one in the center. Add any additional topping you choose ie olives, onions, etc.


Once your toppings are added simply place dollops of cheese strategically throughout the pizza.


Let sit for 5 mins. 


Place on a non-stick sheet pan or pizza stone and place in the oven for 8 to 12 mins (ovens may vary) or until crust browns. For a crispier crust, place directly on the rack.


Once you remove from the oven, drizzle olive oil, salt to taste, and garnish with fresh oregano. Cut, serve and enjoy!

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